Our priorities
Social and society

Our business is based on talent, both on- and off-screen. Our employees’ creativity and motivation are critical to our success, and as such, RTL places value on diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI), fair working conditions, health, safety and wellbeing and a culture of innovation and transparency.

We believe we have a responsibility to the communities and audiences we serve. We use our high-profile position as a leading media organisation and broadcaster to raise public awareness and funds for important social and environmental issues – particularly those that might otherwise receive less coverage or funding. We are committed to community, equality and equal opportunities.

“Speak up, embrace change” – International Women's Day 2024
European Works Council

In addition to each local employee representation, RTL Group established a European Works Council (EWC) based on a voluntary agreement in 1997. The EWC consists of representatives from RTL Group’s local works councils in the EU. It maintains an open dialogue with RTL Group management to address cross-border employment issues, and to represent employee interests at the top level of the company.

The EWC and the Senior Management team meet twice a year. According to the current voluntary agreement, these meetings provide a platform for social dialogue and for consultation with employees.

Kai Brettmann, Chairman of the EWC, says: “It is our task to continuously analyse the management's strategy to determine to what extent it serves to increase the profitability of the company, and to the same extent the satisfaction of the employees - especially when it comes to good working conditions and fair remuneration when sharing the company’s success. Two criteria that are decisive for potential employees when choosing a future-proof company, especially in the digital world.”