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<a href=26.04.23 | AGM statement" title="26.04.23 | AGM statement">
26.04.23 | AGM statement
<a href=01.06.22 | RTL Croatia transaction closed" title="01.06.22 | RTL Croatia transaction closed">
01.06.22 | RTL Croatia transaction closed
<a href=06.05.22 | Quarterly statement Q1/2022" title="06.05.22 | Quarterly statement Q1/2022">
06.05.22 | Quarterly statement Q1/2022
<a href=27.04.22 | AGM statement" title="27.04.22 | AGM statement">
27.04.22 | AGM statement
<a href=31.03.22 | RTL Belgium transaction closed" title="31.03.22 | RTL Belgium transaction closed">
31.03.22 | RTL Belgium transaction closed

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