RTL brand
On of the strongest brands in the European media landscape

The core brand RTL, owned by RTL Group, has gone through a comprehensive redesign and repositioning to strengthen RTL as Europe’s leading entertainment brand. With a long legacy, RTL stands for entertainment and independent journalism.

With one brand, endless possibilities arise: the new multicoloured logo reflects diversity in content and people by offering individual creations for users, employees and partners.

Roll-out started with RTL Group and RTL Deutschland. Other RTL-branded units will follow.

By making use of an endless variety of colours, the new multicoloured logo is unique in Europe’s media landscape. The innovative modernisation of the three-coloured rectangular logo of RTL Television follows the simple rule: content defines the brand. The colours of the new logo are adapted to promote different topics and partnerships in various contexts, thereby reflecting the diversity of RTL’s content and people. With the new RTL brand, a new purpose, promise and brand principles have been developed.

RTL stands for entertainment, independent journalism, inspiration, energy and attitude.