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World Press Freedom Day
What does press freedom mean for you? For World Press Freedom Day, we asked journalists and editors across RTL Group why press freedom is critical for their work.

Established by the United Nations and taking place annually on 3 May, World Press Freedom Day is dedicated to the importance of journalism and freedom of expression. It is a chance for media professionals to commemorate the fundamental principles of press freedom and defend the media from attacks on its independence. This year, World Press Freedom Day aims to highlight the significant role played by the press in securing a sustainable future that respects the rights of individuals and the diversity of voices.

At RTL Group, we believe that trust is the basis of all journalistic communications. Each day, tens of millions of people across Europe and around the world rely on our news content for truthful, impartial information. Everyone involved in reporting the news has a journalistic, ethical and social duty, which is backed by the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union. We are committed to freedom of expression and information, while emphasising human dignity and the right to the integrity of the individual.

To demonstrate our commitment and make a stand on World Press Freedom Day, we asked journalists, editors and reporters across RTL Group: What does press freedom mean for you? Why is it critical for your work? Here’s what they said…

RTL Deutschland

Kavita Sharma is a journalist at RTL Deutschland, regularly reporting for flagship channel RTL and news channel NTV. She is experienced in reporting from war zones and crisis regions, having led the team that covered Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in 2022.


Shaqe Egoyan has been working at Enex, RTL Group’s news agency, since June 2017. As a News Editor for a global network of over 55 news stations, Shaqe is responsible for prioritising news coverage based on importance and relevance, and proactively anticipating emerging stories to ensure timely reporting. With a focus on Eastern Europe and Asia, Shaqe sources third-party material from various sources and is involved in script editing, commissioning reports and planning future coverage – therefore delivering accurate and up-to-date information to audiences around the world.

RTL Nederland

Olaf Koensis a Middle East correspondent for RTL Nederland’s news organisation RTL Nieuws. He is pictured providing coverage from the Gaza border in October 2023.

Jeroen Akkermans is also a correspondent for RTL Nieuws. He is experienced in reporting from crisis regions, having previously covered the Russian invasion of Ukraine. During this time, he worked closely with RTL Nederland’s editors in Hilversum to provide reliable information to Dutch viewers, while ensuring his own personal safety.

RTL Hungary

Judit Moskovics, who has been working as a journalist since the age of 19, joined RTL Hungary as a political and current affairs reporter 23 years ago. Over the past two decades, she has been involved in the creation of the programme XXI. Század (21st century) and was part of the team for Házon kívül (Outside home). Judit is particularly interested in the fate of individuals vulnerable to power, and has received numerous awards for her work – including the prestigious Hégető Honorka Award, which she has won three times.

RTL Luxembourg

Andy Brücker has been a journalist for RTL Luxembourg since 2007, where he reports for the news department. He is Head of RTL Automag, a section which provides reports on car news, car tests and new models in Luxembourg.

Samantha Weber joined RTL Luxembourg as a journalist in January 2022. She provides reports for RTL Today, RTL Luxembourg’s English-language news operation.


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