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Celebrating 30 years of Enex
Enex celebrated 30 years of global collaboration during its latest General Assembly at RTL City in Luxembourg.

RTL City in Luxembourg the birthplace of Enex recently played host to a major event: Enex’s General Assembly. This year was particularly special as it marked Enex's 30th anniversary, making it a significant milestone for the global news organisation. 89 delegates from across the globe attended the meeting to share knowledge and discuss a range of topics during the two-day event held on 12 and 13 October 2023. 

Adrian Wells, Enex's Managing Director, set the stage for the General Assembly by reflecting on the company's three-decade journey and the world events that have unfolded during that time. He emphasised Enex's pride in its diverse membership and the importance of the network as the company's key differentiator. Adrian's introduction paved the way for Sonja Schwetje, Editor-in-Chief of NTV and Chair of the Enex Board, to begin with a powerful speech.  She highlighted the significance of press freedom, trust, and the diversity of opinions in the media industry.  

Another highlight of the two-day meeting was a donation to the Rory Peck Trust (RPT). Clothilde Redfern, Director of the RPT, and Tira Shubart, Chair of the RPT, presented the Trust’s mission, namely the support, safety and welfare of freelance journalists around the world. In celebration of Enex's 30th anniversary, RTL Group made a donation of €10,000 to the Rory Peck Trust. This underscores the Group’s dedication to the cause of freelance journalists and the broader mission of responsible journalism.  

At the heart of the General Assembly was a series of informative sessions and thought-provoking speeches. Here are some highlights from the two-day programme: 

David Shukman's insights on climate change 

David Shukman, a former BBC News Science Correspondent, delivered a captivating presentation titled 'Reporting from the climate frontlines.' His journey into climate reporting underscored the need to integrate environmental issues into all facets of news coverage. The audience was reminded of the importance of impactful storytelling to engage the public effectively. ”The environment should be integrated in all of our coverage as broadcasters,” said David Shukman. 

Addressing the digital revolution 

A session on 'Digital Formats' featured James Glynn, a former Twitter executive who has since joined the Enex team. The panel included representatives from various Enex member organisations, including Sophie Merle from Groupe M6, Wu Qian from SMG and Jonathan Paterson, Managing Editor at The News Movement. They explored how emerging social media platforms like TikTok are reshaping news delivery and discussed the challenge of monetising content in this digital landscape. “It should be digital first, but monetisation is a big issue!” said Sophie Merle. ”The future will tell us if TikTok will allow us to make money with these formats.” They confirmed that digital formats enable them to reach a younger audience. 

A peek into 5G 

'Whatever happened to 5G?' was another insightful session that delved into the status of 5G technology, its potential, and its adoption in various regions. The panel included experts such as Julio Cesar Pinho from Post Telecom, Michael Mossal from NTT, and Morten Brandstrup from TV2 Denmark, who highlighted the significance of 5G for broadcasting – alongside its current challenges. 

Insights from Israel 

Arad Nir, Head of Foreign News Desk and International Commentator from Israel's Channel 12, joined the meeting via Zoom to discuss the brutal attacks on Israeli citizens by Hamas terrorists. Channel 12 has broadcast 24/7 since the first Hamas raids on 7 October. Arad shared a television report and presentation to shed light on the complex situation in Israel, while attendees had the opportunity to ask challenging questions about the latest developments in the region and the Israeli operation to move into Gaza. 

AI in broadcasting 

A session on 'AI Technologies' hosted by Mark Evans, Enex's Head of News, featured discussions on the role of artificial intelligence in the media industry. The panel included experts Frederic Fievez from BCE, Kristian Kim Eikeland, Co-founder of Mimir and Professor Charlie Beckett from the London School of Economics. 

Charles Goerens' address 

Charles Goerens, a Luxembourgish politician and Member of the European Parliament, delivered a thought-provoking speech. He discussed the state of the European Union, addressing topics such as EU scepticism, the crisis in Ukraine, and the importance of media during challenging times. 

This year’s General Assembly was an invaluable event that not only celebrated the organisation's 30 years of global cooperation, but also provided insights into the current state of the media industry. The wealth of knowledge shared and the connections made during these two days reinforced the collaborative spirit that defines Enex.

About Enex 

Enex, short for the European News Exchange, is a vital part of RTL Group. It's a network that connects some of the most influential commercial TV broadcasters across the world, including RTL Group business units such as RTL Deutschland, Groupe M6, RTL Nederland, RTL Hungary, and RTL Luxembourg. Enex fosters collaboration among its members by sharing news content and production resources, which can be used in local broadcasts. 


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