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25 years at RTL: Sonja Schwetje

RTL Group’s newly launched podcast series features colleagues from all over RTL Group who have made RTL their professional home. In conversation with Lisa Burke, Presenter at RTL Luxembourg, they share their favourite moments, stories of success and sources of inspiration after years or decades of working at the company.

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The first guest of the podcast is Sonja Schwetje, who started her career as an intern at RTL Nord in Hamburg, where, in her own words, she was thrown into cold water. Not long after, she became a reporter and editor, then went on to present the news.

Sonja moved to Cologne in 2005 to start as editor and anchor at RTL West. In 2010, she joined NTV as Head of News. Today, she is Managing Director Programming at NTV and Editor-in-Chief of Business & Networks at RTL News.

Sonja is also Chair of the Board of Enex (European News Exchange) and the Bertelsmann Freedom of the Press Working Group – positions she is truly passionate about.

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Note: On 1 October 2023, David Whigham succeeded Sonja Schwetje as Editor-in-Chief of NTV. The interview was recorded before this date.