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10 years at RTL: Mark Evans

“It’s been 10 years but it feels like two”: In this podcast episode, Mark Evans, Head of News at Enex, talks about trust, social media, digital transformation and the importance of international collaboration. 

“We have a responsibility of telling the stories that people want to hear, but also the stories they should hear,” says Mark Evans, the next guest of RTL stories – The podcast.  Mark joined Enex – RTL Group’s Luxembourg-based news association – in 2013 as Head of News.  Prior to this position, he worked at Sky News in the UK for over 12 years.

Mark, who is an award-winning journalist, tells host Lisa Burke what he has experienced and learnt while covering a long list of stories at Enex, from Charlie Hebdo to Brexit.

“Enex’s most valuable asset is its trustworthiness”, says Mark while describing the international collaboration of journalists from Europe to Asia and the value of these partnerships – particluarly imminent during the Covid crisis.

Mark also talks about the difficulties of the journalistic profession, alongside its rewarding side. In particular, he admires the commitment and talent of his teams in presenting the world with reliable and trustworthy stories amid a sea of fake news

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