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UFA founds Horizon Board
Twelve young experts have been appointed to the newly founded UFA Horizon Board, which will advise management on a variety of topics.

Members of the Horizon Board will be tasked with keeping an eye on the future. By acting as a permanent think tank within UFA, the internal committee will identify future trends and advise management on future development opportunities at UFA. The 12 young experts, who recently met in Cologne for the first time, come from a variety of backgrounds including production, technology and communications.

Sascha Schwingel, CEO of UFA, says: “UFA has great young colleagues with enormous expertise, creative energy and a keen sense for the need for further change. The Horizon Board is intended to pool this energy, advise management on specific projects and overarching future issues and establish new thought structures within the company. I am very much looking forward to working together.”

The following members are part of the UFA Horizon Board:

Producer Ceylan Yildirim, Editorial Director Anna von Jagemann, Junior IT Delivery Manager Ruslan Mstoian, Production Coordinator Shannon Leslie Cormier, Video Journalist Jonah Ney, Digital Communications Manager Alina Giese, Assistant Producer Mischa Bülter-Hoffacker, Producer Denise Neustadt, Legal Counsel Sophie-Elena Bohle, Story Editor and Diversity Manager Juliana Maug, Line Producer Sebastian Haas and Editorial Manager Lea Dahmen.

Watch UFA’s video below in which Sascha Schwingel and members of the Horizon Board share more about the new initiative (in German):


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