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Two new CEOs and a new partnership: Fremantle announces changes at Italian production companies The Apartment and Wildside.

Annamaria Morelli is the new CEO of the Apartment, while Sonia Rovai takes over as CEO of Wildside. Former CEOs Lorenzo Mieli and Mario Gianani have left to launch their own production company, which will be supported by Fremantle.

Two new CEOs: Annamaria Morelli and Sonia Rovai

With Annamaria and Sonia at the helm, both The Apartment and Wildside will continue to work with the same talents on the same highly successful projects that have made the labels two of the most important international production companies. Fremantle will continue to coordinate with both companies while granting them editorial and creative autonomy.

Andrea Scrosati, Group COO and CEO Continental Europe at Fremantle, says: “Annamaria Morelli and Sonia Rovai have vision, experience and passion. I am so happy to welcome them to The Apartment and Wildside, two labels that have attracted some of the best talent, both Italian and international. We are and will continue to be the place creatives want to call home. A place where you can express your creativity by experimenting and innovating with freedom and independence, but also with the fundamental support of a global group such as Fremantle. A formula that I am sure will guarantee Morelli and Rovai the conditions to create new great successes”.

Annamaria Morelli, incoming CEO of The Apartment, says: "I am so proud and happy to join this prestigious company and be part of the amazing world of the Fremantle group. I am also thrilled to work alongside Andrea Scrosati and the brilliant team I will be collaborating with. We share the same passion for the creation of unforgettable, high-end, inclusive stories and the ambition of taking them to global audiences".

Sonia Rovai, incoming CEO of Wildside, says: “Becoming CEO of Wildside is a privilege and a great challenge at the same time. Wildside is synonymous with excellence and professionalism in the world of movie production and is the result of the great work of Mario Gianani who has trained a group of high-level people and talent. My thanks go to Andrea Scrosati and all of Fremantle for the trust”.

A new partnership: Fremantle, Lorenzo Mieli and Mario Gianani

Lorenzo has left his position as CEO of the Apartment, while Mario has resigned as CEO of Wildside. The two successful producers have decided to start a new entrepreneurial adventure – the launch of their own production company. They have already signed a co-production agreement with Fremantle for joint collaboration on several projects. These include films and series in production and postproduction: a new film by Paolo Sorrentino, Queer by Luca Guadagnino, a new film by Gabriele Mainetti, Maria by Pablo Larraín, and two TV series: M. Son of the Century by Joe Wright and Il Mostro by Stefano Sollima.

Andrea Scrosati, Group COO and CEO Continental Europe at Fremantle, says: “I am really happy to continue collaborating with Lorenzo and Mario with this new formula, which guarantees to continue to work together on projects that were born in The Apartment and Wildside under their leadership and vision. After having created dozens of extraordinary projects together over the years, this agreement is the basis for continuing to create many more in the future."

Lorenzo Mieli and Mario Gianani say: “Working with Fremantle for the last fourteen years has been a hugely important, exciting and great adventure. We put all our energy and passion to contribute to making Fremantle a successful hub of innovative and provocative creativity, and we are grateful for the support, freedom and trust Fremantle has given us. This new entrepreneurial adventure fills our desire for new challenges and goals, and we are happy and proud to announce this deal that will allow us to continue producing with Fremantle on extraordinary films and series as we have done over the years. We want to thank all the hundreds of people we worked with within Fremantle. And a special thanks to Andrea Scrosati, without whom many of our achievements, including this deal, would have never been possible”.


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