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Sam - A Saxon wins a Grimme Award
UFA’s Sam - A Saxon, the first German original to launch on Disney+, is awarded the coveted Grimme Award in the ‘Fiction’ category.

Sam – Ein Sachse (Sam – A Saxon), a co-production between UFA Fiction, Big Window Productions (owned by UFA Fiction/Fremantle) and Panthertainment, tells the story of Samuel “Sam” Njankouo Meffire, East Germany’s first black policeman. The seven-part series addresses the topics of oppression, belonging and self-empowerment.  

At the 60th Grimme Awards, creators Tyron Ricketts, Jörg Winger and Christoph Silber, directors Soleen Yusef and Sarah Blaßkiewitz, and lead actor Malick Bauer will be honoured for their work on the series. On 26 April 2024, they will receive a Grimme Prize in the ‘Fiction’ category.

The jury praised Sam – A Saxon with the following statement: “From drama to family psychogram, racism study and gangster thriller – Sam – A Saxon switches genres with breathtaking smoothness. And lead actor Malick Bauer fits into this game of genres and emotions with equally breathtaking smoothness. His character of Samuel Meffire is, as he embodies it on screen, both hero and anti-hero, victim and avenger, wounded soul and freewheeling perpetrator of violence. Every single facet that Malick Bauer reveals about his character blew the jury away.”

The jury adds: “With Sam – A Saxon, something has been created that, despite all the full-bodied promises of diversity, no local television programme has been able to achieve – the first major Afro-German series that was so long overdue."

Sam – A Saxon had its world premiere in April 2023 and is available to stream exclusively on Disney+.


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