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Frédéric Fiévez appointed as COO of BCE
Frédéric Fiévez ascends to Chief Operating Officer (COO) of BCE, entrusted with leading operations and services development to align with BCE’s strategic vision.

Broadcasting Centre Europe (BCE), RTL Group’s Luxembourg-based technical service provider, announces the promotion of Frédéric Fiévez from Chief Sales Officer (CSO) to Chief Operating Officer (COO). In his new role, Frédéric will assume leadership of all operational facets at BCE, ensuring seamless alignment with the company’s strategic goals. He will report directly to Christophe Goossens, CEO of BCE.

With a multifaceted understanding of BCE’s activities, Frédéric is uniquely positioned to address operational and business development needs. Frédéric's mandate will also encompass integrating and assessing BCE's resources to align them with the overall strategy, propelling the company forward in response to the dynamic market and evolving customer needs. His proven ability to navigate complex initiatives, coupled with a deep understanding of the EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) markets, position him as a key driver in advancing BCE's strategic development.

Christophe Goossens, CEO of BCE, says: "I am pleased that Frédéric has accepted his new mission as the Chief Operating Officer. Frédéric's extensive expertise and profound knowledge of all BCE activities are a true benefit to ensure the continuity of our operations. Moreover, I am confident that his unwavering motivation to make BCE grow will ensure the development of our operational capabilities, aligning them seamlessly with our customers growth."

Frédéric Fievez, COO of BCE, says: "These first 12 years of experience were of constant enrichment, during which I learned invaluable lessons in leadership and operational excellence."

Frédéric brings a wealth of experience to this role, having demonstrated his expertise over the course of his career. Beginning with consultancy on the ARTE project – a European public service channel dedicated to culture – his progression included pivotal responsibilities at EVS Broadcast Equipment , where he dedicated over ten years to noteworthy projects, including newsroom digitisation and Olympics coverage, earning prestigious recognition such as the IBC award. Upon transitioning to BCE, Frédéric initially provided consultancy for the ARTE project and later expanded BCE's operations beyond RTL Group, focusing on the Middle East and African markets. Over the subsequent years, he demonstrated adept leadership in system integration and project development, assuming the role of Project Development Director in 2018. In 2021, he further advanced to the position of CSO, guiding BCE's overall growth and evolution.


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