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Executives from RTL Hungary participated in the Digital-Media Hungary 2024 conference, discussing streaming, advertising and the upcoming UEFA Champions League.

Digital-Media Hungary is an annual business conference which most recently took place from 23-24 April in Siófok, Hungary. As part of the conference, RTL Hungary executives participated in panel discussions on a variety of topics shaping the future of digital media.

One of the main topics was sports broadcasting, as RTL Hungary will be the home of the UEFA Champions League matches for three years starting from this year. Chief Content Management Officer Balázs Szabó announced that 192 Champions League matches will be shown on streaming service RTL+ – a platform launched in Hungary in October 2022. Additionally, Balázs introduced the team of presenters who will guide viewers throughout the championship from August 2024.

Current issues affecting the media and marketing industries were the focus of a panel discussion in which CEO Gabriella Vidus participated. Gabriella, who was recently named the most influential female executive in Hungary for the 10th time, highlighted that competition on linear channels is stronger than ever. However, she added that with the start of the streaming of the Champions League, one of the most valuable sports rights in the world, RTL+ will enter into competition with the global players.

In another panel discussion, Szilárd Bakcsy, Non-spot & Digital Director at RTL Hungary, discussed the increasing demand in advertising sales due to the broadcast of sporting events. Chief Revenue Officer Gergely Dudás confirmed that RTL Saleshouse will continue to serve this increased need and shared that they expect double digit growth in the rest of the year.

Judit Grósz, Chief Digital Officer, took part in a business philosophy discussion about the possibilities of creating a common streaming platform in Hungary. A data alliance among domestic players would be extremely important, emphasised Judit, to ensure competitiveness with global players.

What are some effective strategies and metrics that can be used to tackle the challenges in an era characterised by lots of advertising noise? This was the main question another panel sought to answer with the participation of Péter Baráth, who has been leading RTL Hungary‘s Marketing and Communications department since July 2023.


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