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From Chairman to independent producer
Nico Hofmann steps down as Chairman of UFA after handing over the CEO position to Sascha Schwingel in September 2023.

Nico Hofmann will step down on 29 February 2024 in order to return to his creative roots as an independent producer. Nico became Chairman of UFA in September 2023, when he handed over his former position as CEO of UFA to Sascha Schwingel. With the handover complete, Nico will stay connected to UFA and continue to provide creative support for selected projects, such as the Kudamm series.

Nico Hofmann says: “For me, today is both a farewell and a long-planned new beginning. A farewell after more than 25 years at UFA and the return to my creative, independent work as a producer. I am proud of UFA, its people, its passion and I am pleased with how openly Sascha Schwingel was welcomed as the new CEO. With his empathy, strong communication skills and entrepreneurial clarity, Sascha has started to successfully shape the future of UFA in a very short amount of time. Although my role as Chairman ends at the end of this month, my connection to this great company remains. With Sascha at the helm, I am convinced that the UFA team spirit will characterise the upcoming years – as long as we have solidarity, nobody should be afraid of the challenges of the media industry.”

Sascha Schwingel, CEO of UFA, says: “Over the last decades, Nico Hofmann has had a decisive influence on UFA and has written an impressive success story. I would like to thank him for his trust and co-operation over the past months. Together with a great team, we will now write the next chapter of success in UFA's history, using the dynamic market development as an opportunity. With an internationally connected and lean organisation that places creativity and talent at the heart of its work, we will surprise audiences with outstanding content on even more platforms and channels in the future."

Nico Hofmann and Sascha Schwingel previously worked together as producers at teamWorx, which later became part of UFA Fiction. After subsequent positions at ARD Degeto and RTL Deutschland, Sascha Schwingel was appointed CEO of UFA in September 2023.


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