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A reimagined folk saga
New fantasy drama Hagen will be available to stream on RTL+ in Germany, while Fremantle will handle distribution in other territories worldwide.

Based on Wolfgang Hohlbein’s bestselling novel Hagen von Tronje, the feature film and series – which has the working title Hagen – is a reimagining of the world famous medieval Nibelungen folk saga. The story is widely considered to be the inspiration behind all modern fantasies, such as Game of Thrones and The Lord of The Rings.

Produced by German production company Constantin Film, Hagen will be released as a feature film in cinemas, and converted into a six-part series for free-to-air TV and streaming services. RTL Deutschland has secured the rights for RTL+ in Germany, while Fremantle will handle international distribution in other countries. The epic fantasy drama is set for release in autumn 2024.

Jens Richter, CEO Commercial & International at Fremantle, says: “I couldn’t be more thrilled to be working with Constantin Film on this exciting new project. Hagen is a contemporary reimagining of the mother of all fantasy sagas – the Nibelungen. Prepare yourselves for premium entertainment with truly stunning production values, which promises to draw audiences into an immersive world filled with epic battles, love, power and betrayal; all delivered with striking visual integrity."

In the saga, Hagen is a dutiful soldier and loyal Lord Commander, ready to serve and stand by his King. But he has a secret: He is deeply in love with Princess Kriemhild – a love that will never be permitted. His world is turned upside down with the Huns threaten to invade and an unexpected guest, Siegfried the legendary dragon slayer, arrives. The King, determined to strengthen his kingdom, seeks a new wife, Brunhild – the famous Valkyrie queen with old magic powers. To secure her hand, he requires the help of both Siegfried and Hagen. A dramatic and catastrophic series of events unfold – all centred around the universal themes of love, power, family and war.


Oliver Fahlbusch

Executive Vice President Communications & Investor Relations, RTL Group

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