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At RTL Luxembourg, we strive to inform and entertain the population of Luxembourg through our various platforms on a weekly basis. As part of RTL Group, our range of products extends across multiple media channels, including television, streaming, radio, digital platforms, and podcasts. Our objective is to create relevant and moving stories that originate from Luxembourg and the Greater Region. Each day, a dedicated network of journalists and content creators bring these stories to life on screens, on air, and across our diverse platforms.

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Independent and neutral journalism

We have a team of 59 journalists who are committed to delivering reliable and unbiased news to our audience. In addition to this dedicated group, we have a team of 27 reporters, TV presenters and radio hosts, complemented by a global network of 25 correspondents stationed around the world.

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Télévie - “Gitt der Hoffnung eng Chance” 🤍

Each year, Télévie and RTL Luxembourg raise close to €2 million to help fund cancer research in Luxembourg. 

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RTL Luxembourg (CLT-UFA S.A.)
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TV Programme
For any questions regarding our TV programme, we encourage you to reach out to us via email at grille@rtl.lu.

If you have any inquiries regarding RTL Luxembourg or would like to get in touch with us, please send an email to communication@rtl.lu.