Key figures and outlook
Overview of key figures

Revenue (in € million)
Adjusted EBITA (in € million)*

*See key performance indicators below

Group Profit (in € million)

2014 Group Profit restated for changes in purchase price allocation

Equity (in € million)

2014 Equity restated for changes in purchase price allocation
2021 figure has been adjusted (see note 1.30)

Market capitalisation (in € billion)*

*As of 31 December

Total dividend per share (in €)
Total dividend yield per share (in %)
Operating cash conversion rate (in %) *

*Calculated as operating pre-tax free cash flow as a percentage of Adjusted EBITA. See Key performance indicators below for further information on Adjusted EBITA.

Streaming revenue (in € million) *

2014 EBITDA restated for changes in purchase price allocation
2019 Total dividend per share: On 2 April 2020, RTL Group's Board of Directors decided to withdraw its earlier proposal of a €4.00 per share dividend in respect of the fiscal year 2019, due to the Covid-19 outbreak
2018 Total dividend per share included an interim dividend of €1.00 per share, paid in September 2018
2017 Total dividend per share included an interim dividend of €1.00 per share, paid in September 2017
2016 Total dividend per share included an interim dividend of €1.00 per share, paid in September 2016
2015 Total dividend per share included an extraordinary interim dividend of €1.00 per share, paid in September 2015
2014 Total dividend per share included an extraordinary interim dividend of €2.00 per share, paid in September 2014

Financial Summary
Key Performance Indicators

RTL Group analyses key performance indicators (KPIs) to manage its businesses, including revenue, organic growth/decline, Adjusted EBITA, Adjusted EBITA before streaming start-up losses, Adjusted EBITA margin, net debt, operating cash conversion rate and audience shares in the company’s main target groups. RTL Group’s key performance indicators are mostly determined on the basis of so-called alternative performance measures, which are not defined by IFRS. Management believes they are relevant for measuring the performance of the Group’s operations, financial position and cash flows, and for making decisions. These KPIs also provide additional information for users of the financial statements regarding the management of the Group on a consistent basis over time and regularity of reporting. These should not be considered in isolation but as complementary information for evaluating the Group’s business situation. RTL Group’s KPIs may not be comparable to similarly titled measures reported by other groups due to differences in the way these measures are calculated.

Further details can be found in the chapter on Key performance indicators in RTL Group's full-year report.


The geopolitical and macroeconomic environment remains volatile, and the impact on RTL Group’s businesses continues to be hard to predict. On the basis of a slight recovery of the German TV advertising market and broadly stable advertising markets in the Group’s other territories,
  • RTL Group expects its full-year revenue for 2024 to increase to around €6.6 billion, based on higher revenue from RTL Deutschland (mainly driven by strong growth in streaming revenue) and Fremantle (mainly driven by a recovery in the US market and acquisitions).

  • RTL Group expects its Adjusted EBITA for 2024 to be around €750 million, with a variance of plus/minus €50 million, depending on the development of the German and French TV advertising markets in 2024. This Adjusted EBITA outlook includes higher content costs, primarily for the broadcast of Euro 2024 matches in France and Germany, and higher streaming start-up losses (2023: €176 million) primarily due to the investments in M6+ in France.

  • RTL Group’s dividend policy remains unchanged: RTL Group plans to pay out at least 80 per cent of the adjusted full-year net result.
2023 2024e
Revenue €6,234m ~€6.6bn
Adjusted EBITA €782m ~€750m (+/- €50m)
thereof streaming start-up losses €176m ~€200m

Strategic targets for RTL Group’s streaming services1
2023 2026e
Paying subscribers 5.6m ~9m
Streaming revenue €283m ~€750m
Content spend per annum €270m ~€500m

Profitability is expected by 20262.

Fremantle targets

Fremantle targets full-year revenue of €3 billion by 2025/2026.

To achieve this goal, RTL Group is investing significantly in Fremantle – both organically and via acquisitions – across entertainment, drama and film, and documentaries.

After integrating its acquired labels/production companies into the Fremantle network and reducing overhead, Fremantle’s Adjusted EBITA margin is expected to increase to 9 per cent by 2026.

1 RTL+ in Germany, M6+/6play in France and RTL+ in Hungary
2 Total of Adjusted EBITA from RTL+ in Germany and Hungary, M6+ in France and Bedrock as consolidated on RTL Group level. The Adjusted EBITA of RTL+ in Germany and Hungary and M6+ includes synergies with TV channels at business unit level. For the definition of Adjusted EBITA please see Key performance indicators on pages 57 to 59 of RTL Group’s Annual Report 2023

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